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ffering a rigging, lifting, loading, transporting and unloading service throughout Zimbabwe. We aim to provide this specialised service to any industry where items or goods are too heavy or ungainly to be moved by any means other than materials handling equipment, endeavouring to offer a complete relocation package.


Generators & Transformers



Mining equipment

Agricultural farm implements

Engineering equipment

Factory Equipment

Construction equipment


1. Job description

The Client will provide a detailed description of what they require. This should include details such as;

  • what the items are (including weight, length, width and height as well as available lifting points),
  • collection and delivery addresses with a name and number of the contact person at each point,
  • the date and time the task should commence.
2. Site / Equipment inspection

It may be necessary to do a site inspection to view the item and space available. Alternatively, the client is welcome to view the cranes available to make their own choice.

3. Estimation

The most suitable equipment for the task will be decided. The rates will be given and an estimation of costs will be calculated.

A deposit based on the estimation will be required prior to commencement.

Prior to starting, we recommend the following;

  • all paper work for release of the items is in order.
  • a representative accompanies the crane from departure of our depot to ensure no time is wasted and to smooth the way in all respect as well as instruct and supervise.
  • appropriate insurance cover should be arranged by the client. (With sufficient notice, we can arrange insurance cover at an additional cost.)
4. Dispatch

The most suitable crane-truck, lifting equipment and driver/operators will be prepared and dispatched. On arrival the team will discuss the safest, most appropriate way of executing the task. A task card/indemnity form will be completed and signed by the client or responsible representative before the team will commence the task.

5. Payment

On completion of the task, actual costs will be calculated and the invoice drawn up. The balance of the payment will be made immediately.


Please contact us for current prices and estimations.

Rates include a driver/operator and assistant, fuel, chains & slings.

Rates exclude insurance, supervision, night out allowances, tolls, documentation and Vat at 14.5%.



Hours are calculated from the time of departure of our depot, up to the time of return to our depot. Local lifts are within Harare City limits or within 20kms (one way) from our depot.


Mileage is calculated between all collection and delivery points and back to our depot.

Hours are calculated from the time of arrival at a loading or unloading point, up to the time of departure of each point.

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